Mantegna and Bellini, The National Gallery

A tale of two artists and brothers-in-law, ‘Andrea Mantegna and Giovanni Bellini’ tells a story of art, family, rivalry, and personality. Together they shaped the art of the Renaissance. Related by marriage, the artists spent most of their lives apart – Bellini in Venice and Mantegna in Mantua as the court painter – but a study of their work suggests they kept up a creative exchange throughout their lives. Paintings, drawings and sculpture are brought together on international loans, including paintings by both artists of The Presentation at the Temple, which are also displayed together.




12.00 Noon                        Private lecture by Anne Haworth in the Club

1.00pm                                 2-course lunch with wine at the Club

2.00pm                                 Depart by coach for The National Gallery                              

2.30pm                                 Entrance to the Exhibition


Members should make their own way home


This event is limited to 30 places only

The cost per person is £56.00, including lunch at the Club, ticket for the exhibition and coach to The National Gallery.

All applications should be received by Wednesday 22nd August. Your places will not be confirmed until Tuesday 28th August. If oversubscribed places will be decided by a ballot.