BT Blocks Club Emails

BT Email accounts have a stronger spam filter now that are blocking The Farmers Club booking and website registration emails. Read on to know how you can ensure you receive our emails.

In the past few weeks, BT's email account systems ( or have tightened their anti Spam filter which has caused that emails automatically generated by us and sent to you from,, and are being blocked as Spam.

If you use or have a BT email address, you can whitelist our email addresses so that they are never blocked again.

In order to do this, BT have a help document on their website. Please click below link to reach it and follow the instructions under the "Using the safe senders feature" section.

For your benefit, I have added the instructions here, see below:


To make sure that emails you wish to receive are never put into your Spam, you can add them as a “Safe Sender”.

                    1 - From the Settings tab, select the "Safe senders" folder and click on the Add button

                    2 - Add the email address you want to mark as safe and click Save (,                                 

                    3 - After a confirmation message the email address will be added to your list of safe senders


If you still have issues with the above or need help, you can contact via online chat, see link below for your convenience:

BT Online Chat Help

UPDATE 28/11/2017: There is a percentage of BT Mail customers who use BT Yahoo Mail instead of BT Mail proper. These customers do not have any "safe sender" list available. BT Yahoo Mail support informed us today that they are migrating all BT Yahoo Mail customers to BT Mail and that this process will take a few months.

For those of you that log into BT Yahoo Mail, follow the below guide on how to unblock Farmers Club emails.!-Mail


1. Log into your BT Yahoo Mail account online

2. Hover your mouse on the gear wheel symbol in the top right corner of the screen

3. Click on Settings in the drop down list that appears

4. Click on Filters

5. Click on the Add button

6. Type a name for the filter, we suggest "The Farmers Club"

7. In the "From" field, leave the word "contains" and then type in the next text box

8. Ensure "Inbox" is selected in the "Then move the message to this folder" drop down box

9. Click on Save

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