Charitable Trust finances over £11,000 of bursaries

Five awards have been made by the Farmers Club Charitable Trust to assist UK agricultural educators in 2016


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After careful consideration five excellent UK farming educators have been selected to receive special support from the Farmers Club Charitable Trust. 

Over a period of more than thirty years the Trust has provided well over £0.5M of funding to help university and college lecturers develop their knowledge and skills to better meet the industry’s needs. 

The Trust was originally conceived and set up in 1981, by the late Trevor Muddiman, and underpinned by donations and covenants from Farmers Club members, generously matched by the late Sir John Eastwood. In the late 1990s Mrs Stella Muddiman very generously transferred land and property assets from a private family trust to the Famers Club Charitable Trust. 

This year’s applicants were scrutinised by a panel comprising Prof Ian Crute, Chairman of the selection panel and former chief scientist at the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board, Vic Croxson, former chief executive of Landex, the organisation for Land Based Colleges Aspiring to Excellence, Farmers Club Charitable Trust trustee James Cross and Farmers Club Journal Editor Charles Abel. 

Commending the wide range of project topics, the judges noted that the Trust was particularly keen to see a stronger focus on primary agriculture. 

Applicants were allocated a mentor, drawn from the FCCT selection panel, to provide a point of reference throughout their period of funding. Summary reports will appear in future issues of the Journal and full reports are accessible via the Club website. 


This year’s successful candidates:


 Nick Prince
  • Dr Nick Prince, SRUC Aberdeen – travelling to North America to investigate alternative approaches to land ownership and use, with a view to developing new teaching modules for land use students in Scotland, as the debate over land ownership intensifies. 


  •  Dr Jin Chu, University of Lincoln – investigating the way location and crop variety affects the mineral content of grains on UK farms, hopefully leading to improved husbandry to better meet the needs of end markets.

  • Dr Wendy Fernandes, Writtle Agricultural College – travelling to Norway and Hungary to assess fish farming techniques and establish collaborations, so new course content can be created around aqua-culture.


  • Mr Richard Rudge, Hereford & Ludlow College – working with manufacturers and equipment suppliers in the UK to develop new ways of teaching tractor engine management, with a particular focus on re-flashing to balance emissions, economy and power.


  • Dr Jonathan Cooper, Harper Adams University – travelling to Nova Scotia, Canada to study the impacts of recent changes to incentives for renewable energy development, and draw comparisons with the UK.


2017 Applications: Awards totalling up to £25,000 are made each year to advance agricultural education and training. Applications are invited from those employed in agricultural education and training, especially those early in their careers. Projects should aim to widen and develop the applicant’s technical expertise, through study activities either inside or outside the UK. The closing date for applications will be early February 2017.  See:


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