Club Cup 2018

Prof John Webster, chair of Bristol University’s animal husbandry unit, has been awarded the prestigious Farmers Club Cup, in recognition of his animal welfare and behaviour work, including the Five Freedoms, now globally recognised as defining good welfare.

Each year The Farmers Club uses the occasion of the House of Lords Luncheon in November to award the Farmers Club Cup to a person who has contributed significantly to agriculture, farming, the environment or rural enterprise.

This year, in line with Club Chairman Peter Jinman’s theme of animal science and science more broadly for the whole year, the Club selected Professor John Webster of Bristol University.

Prof Webster is Professor Emeritus and Chair of Animal Husbandry at the University, where he oversees a 60-strong unit studying animal welfare and behaviour.

A founder member of the UK Farm Animal Welfare Council, he first propounded the ‘Five Freedoms’, internationally recognised as standards defining good welfare. He is a former president of the British Society of Animal Science.

His publications include: A Cool Eye towards Eden and Limping towards Eden. His most recent book Animal Husbandry Regained: the place of farm animals in sustainable agriculture extends the principle of unsentimental compassion beyond that for the farm animals to embrace all concerns for the life on the land.