Committee Nominations

Closing date for nominations re-set

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Owing to the confluence of retiring committee members and other committee members moving to other roles within the club, the closing date for nominations has been re-set to 2nd September 2016.  I have become aware that many members may not be clear on the duties of serving on a committee and whilst fully appreciating that many members have busy lives they may be unsighted on the time commitment in particular.  If I can clarify, there are four morning only Committee Meetings each year where the burden of papers to read is light, and are usually preceded by dinner at the Club with a speaker on the previous evening.  Other than that, Committee Members can partake in as many, or few, events, debates, lunches and study tours as they wish.  Please call me if you have any other questions about the role. 

Thank you 



Andrei Spence

Chief Executive and Secretary