Harvest Journal 2018

The Harvest issue of the Farmers Club Journal features in-depth articles on Brexit preparations, long-lived dairy cows, the fractured chain of knowledge exchange, biological control challenges and a special Club seminar focused on the cereals sector.

The full issue can be viewed on the Farmers Club website here http://www.thefarmersclub.com/library/Journals

The Harvest issue of the Farmers Club Journal – now arriving with members – reports on preparing for Brexit, boosting dairy cow output, helping farm productivity through better information flow from research to farm, the need for swifter approval of biological control agents, a special cereals seminar at the Club and a host of other Club news.

The Journal also considers the tax implications of ‘hope’ land, the Club’s specialist mushroom supplier, the Under 30s Farm Walk in Suffolk, the Club being open all Summer, and a host of new events, including an Autumn Tour to Herefordshire, Harvest Festival & Supper at the Club, New Year’s Eve Black Tie Dinner, Defra Secretary Michael Gove’s Club briefing and a visit to the Bellini & Mantegna exhibition at the National Gallery – details and/or application forms included for each in the Journal.

For more information on all the Club’s events – including Receptions at the Suffolk, Three Counties, Highland, Norfolk and Welsh shows – see the Events page of our website – www.thefarmersclub.com/events