New Club History Book now available

The Farmers Club 1842-2017 is a beautifully produced brand new hard-back book offering a delightful insight into the history of this fascinating club. Priced £25.00 it is available in the Club or can be ordered online.

The Farmers Club 1842-2017 uses original research and abridges three previous histories to provide a delightful insight into a truly unique organisation. Through its pages readers discover the Club’s rich history, its profound impact on the farming industry, and the emergence of a fine fellowship with its heart in the countryside and a Club in central London.

Beautifully produced, with a dark blue hardcover and gold embossing beneath a bright dust-jacket, the easy-reading text is supported by historic portraits, and a wonderful colour section showcasing the current Club and its many activities.

Tracing the whole 175 years from its very first beginnings in 1842 to the 175th Anniversary Celebrations in December last year, The Farmers Club 1842-2017 skilfully captures the essence of all the Club stands for.

 This important book appraises the pivotal role played by the Club in British farming – from 1842 to 2017 – a time when horses gave way to machines, self-sufficiency succumbed to world trade, technology drove intensification, and domestic policy gave way to Brussels bureaucracy. Previous texts have been abridged, new material included, and recent years added in detail, bringing to life a unique organisation that has created friendships, memories and business progress in a way other industries can only dream of!

The editor, Charles Abel, spent 23 years at Farmers Weekly, where he became Group Head of Content, before creating his own media business abelcomms, through which he now edits the Farmers Club Journal. Creating The Farmers Club – 1842-2017 involved much original research, as well as amalgamating and abridging three previous histories of the Club – Kevin FitzGerald’s Ahead of Their Time (1842-1968), Peter Bell’s Adapting to Change (1968-1988) and Don Gomery’s The Farmers Club at 2000 (1988-2000). The new book is a fine testament to the dedication of those authors in the years gone by.

Ideal as a Christmas present – this wonderful new history of The Farmers Club can be bought at Club Reception or ordered via the Club website.

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