New Terrace Tables

Stunning new tables have arrived on The Terrace at the Club

The Executive Team are always looking for ways in which the Club can be enhanced and your experience as a member, can be improved. We found these wonderful tables at a hospitality show and thought they’d be perfect for The Terrace. The tables have a fire pit in the centre that radiates warmth. This enables people to make more use of the terrace for longer periods of time during the year, use the terrace on cooler Autumn days and of course later into the evening.

The tables were purchased using part of the Jill Willows Legacy, as her express wish was that the money she left should be spent by the Executive Team on enhancing the club itself.

Feedback has been fantastic; “beautiful”, “unique”, “great to sit outside, I don’t want to go in”, to name but a few of the many positive comments so far.

And so, come and huddle around the warmth of your new terrace tables, whether it be during a cooler Autumn day or at dusk and into the evening.