Quality bedroom refurbishments

The latest bedroom refurbishments at the Farmers Club are already impressing members

The Farmers Club has had a continual programme of bedroom upgrades and refurbishment, writes General Manager Virginia Masser. However, it is now in a very deliberate cycle of refurbishing five to six bedrooms at Easter and a similar number in August.


Historical features of the rooms are retained where possible and rooms generally made easier and more pleasant to use. For example Room 12 had a step about 3ft into the room, which was difficult to navigate whilst opening the bedroom door. Now you step up into the room as you enter. We have also used an open wardrobe, which has revealed a window once covered, bringing more natural light and an area to stand a case or bag.


In another room the opportunity was taken to soundproof the walls.


The layout of each room is reviewed and where re-wiring is needed we are able to make changes where necessary, such as re-positioning lighting, electrical sockets etc. Double sockets are used where possible, to cope with the increasing number of electrical items members wish to use during their stay.


Most refurbished rooms have new furniture, and old beds replaced with top-of-the-range Sleepeeze beds. Finally, all bedrooms have their own individual curtain/colour design....no two rooms are the same!