Stephen Skinner's Testimonial Fund

Stephen leaving after eight and a half successful years at the helm

Stephen Skinner 


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Dear Member

I am sure by now you are aware that Stephen Skinner is due to retire at the end of June after serving eight and a half years as our Club Secretary & Chief Executive.
Stephen has achieved a great deal during his tenure and as a result the Club has continued to develop in many different ways not least the facilities which have been significantly improved starting with many of the bedrooms and culminating in Project Crest which is currently under way. This will see the largest ever investment in the Club’s history to provide new meeting rooms, offices and reception area to name but a few of the improvements.
The dedicated staff team, the satisfactory financial position and the annual programme which provides events across the Country for members to enjoy all reflect Stephen’s commitment to his job. In addition he has given invaluable support to the Chairman, Trustees and Committee Members each year which has been greatly appreciated by all concerned.
If as a mark of personal esteem for Stephen you would like to contribute to a presentation for him then please complete the form below which should be returned to the Club together with your cheque by Friday 17th June at the latest. The proceeds will be handed over to Stephen together with a list of all the contributors at the AGM lunch on 5th July.

Richard Butler