The Terrace at The Farmers Club

This Summer, enjoy The Terrace at The Farmers Club!

On New Year's Eve we were reminded how lucky we are to have a Club Terrace, with beautiful views of the London Eye, the River Thames and of course the fireworks.

This wonderful outside space never ceases to wow, not only visitors to the Club but those of you who frequent the Club on a regular basis. It is quite simply, stunning!

As we move towards the Summer months, The Terrace will once again come into its own.The trees will have wonderful green foliage and Embankment Gardens will boast beautiful new seasonal planting. The hum of the traffic on the Embankment will still be heard but beyond that you'll likely forget that you are in the middle of the busiest and some would say, the greatest City in the world.

Why not come and enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or simply a glass or two and enjoy the oasis.