U30s member’s land management app

Land management app is the goal for Farmers Club Under 30s member Tim Hopkin

 Land Agents

I was brought up on a small farm in Surrey, where we have just under 100 acres. Although blissful to grow up on, this wasn’t going to sustain an income for my future, at least not in its current state.

I’ve never being completely happy with the way things are, always wanting to know what is around the corner, knowing that in searching for a better way of doing things there are likely to be some interesting discoveries on the journey. 

Like many farms we need to diversify, to plan out the land better, and to do business better. We need to make well thought out decisions based on real evidence.  

I have travelled the world working on farms and met many farmers in England, and there is a common theme – everyone wants to increase the value of their enterprise, as effectively as possible. But the challenge was, and still is, that there are many stakeholders and a feeling of walking into a huge unknown. 

Coping with all that adds a huge cost to projects – be it BPS, a diversification plan or an infrastructure investment. The paper, PDFs, email threads, plans and drawings can get out of hand, with some person madly trying to coordinate everything, to keep everyone clued up as the project advances. 

Knowing this was ahead of us, to diversify the farm, I couldn’t face the old way of doing things. I wanted a better way, where we could digitally plan, share and collaborate on projects, together in one platform, that can be accessed anywhere in the world – so you can open up your iPad to access all your information.  

A year ago I set off on a journey to set up a company to help farming and land management in England. I have been so gratefully astounded by the support I have had from people such as the Royal Agricultural University, Savills, Ordnance Survey, Land Registry, RPA and the CLA. 

There is still a lot of work to get this start-up off the ground. We know we can see a more connected land management sector. If anyone would like to learn more, or get involved, do email or call me.  

Tim Hopkin
07864 285573