Winifred Sloan has died aged 70

Winifred Sloan, wife of 1995 Club Chairman Drew Sloan, has died after a long illness 

Winifred Sloan 

We are very sad to report the death of Winifred Sloan, wife of Drew Sloan who was Chairman of the Club in 1995. It was Winifred who inaugurated the annual Ladies Lunch at the Club for wives of Club Committee Members and ladies who have been of great service to the Club. 

Winifred was a charismatic person who took up every challenge in life with enthusiasm and charm and served her local community and charities in Ayr, Scotland, in many roles – most recently as Provost of South Ayrshire Council. 

Farmers Club Vice President Barclay Forrest, his wife Tessa and 2015 Club Chairman Anne Chamberlain represented the Club at Winifred’s funeral at St Leonard’s Parish Church in Ayr in early December. Winifred is survived by Drew, two sons, a daughter and one grandchild.