Winter Journal Brexit focus

Winter issue of the Farmers Club Journal reports on the Brexit views of George Eustice MP and Lord Curry of Kirkharle, plus a host of other topical issues.

FCJ265 Front Page 


The full issue can be viewed on the Farmers Club website here

The Winter edition of the Farmers Club Journal – now arriving with members – reports on the contrasting Brexit visions of Defra minister George Eustice MP (p6) and Lord Curry of Kirharle (p10)the Club’s visit to the Netherlands p8), and a wide range of other Club and industry stories.   

The success of a Cumbrian dairy farm’s move to retailing raw milk is profiled (p12), and the rapid and flexible adoption of precision farming in the USA is tracked by a lecturer from Askham Bryan College (p14)  

The success of Farmers Club members in the annual Farmers Weekly Awards is celebrated (p3), as well as the graduation of the latest graduates at Harper Adams University College, attended by new Club Secretary Andrei Spence (p5)  

The Club’s Harvest Festival in London (p17), the rise of herbicide resistant weeds (p16), the RSPB’s thinking on farming (p18)CIELivestock’s research ambitions (p19), and the Under 30s latest news (p20), as well as our own Chef’s pursuit of provenance for the great British food served in our Restaurant (p18), are also detailed.