Club survey highlights

Excellent response to Club membership survey gives strong steer for the future 

Link to the full survey report

Thank you to everyone who took part in our 2015 Survey, writes Club Secretary Stephen Skinner. Your feedback will help us shape the future of your Club in an informed way. With just over 20% of the membership responding (representing every age group) we can go forward with confidence.

By a very significant margin members again said they were happy with the Club and the direction it is going. They were particularly pleased with the improvements made to the bedrooms and bathrooms and the quality of food and standard of service in the restaurant. They also said they very much valued the home-from-home atmosphere that had been retained.

As we expected, a key area of concern was the availability of bedrooms, particularly during the week.  There were not as many comments made over perceived abuse of bookings (on which I have written many times before and of which there is actually very little abuse). We have increased the number of bedrooms over the past year from 52 to 56, and the House Committee and I will continue to explore the possibility of additional rooms – but this will not be easy. 

The dress code during the week (jacket and tie for gentlemen), was NOT the polarized issue we thought it might be. 72% said the current dress code was appropriate for gentlemen and 87% for women. It was interesting that the 40-49 age group was most interested in change, but even then, only 43% wanted change – 55% did not.  

Another significant message was members’ desire for smaller, more confidential meeting spaces. The Shaw Room is viewed as a good venue, but if there is more than one group in there it is difficult to achieve any degree of confidentiality. We are looking to create smaller meeting places as we develop the Club and I hope to have news soon.

There were many individual comments, but few had widespread support. For example, there are undoubtedly members who would like TVs in the bedrooms. But drawing directly from the survey this number is far from a majority. That may change, and if it does, we will react.

For those who wish to read the survey in detail here is a link to the full report (which was produced and analyzed by independent marketing company Air Marketing). For those who do not have access to the internet, do contact me, and we can forward you a paper copy.