Focus on future for former U30s 

FRIDAY 23rd January saw a host of former chairmen of the Under 30s section gather at Whitehall Court to discuss how the Club could better serve the 28 to 45 year-old age group. 

This age group is seen least at the Club, since many are busy building careers and farming businesses, and looking after young families. They do not find time to visit the Club very often and the past chairmen of the Under 30s were impressed by recent changes, most notably the new menu, wi-fi throughout, improved web-site and refurbished bedrooms. They were particularly interested in Chief Executive Stephen Skinner’s plans for the future. 

The Junior Section, as it was christened at its birth in1963, had an initial age limit of 26. In 1970 it was renamed the Under 30s, recognising a rise in the age limit. Now it is flourishing, with over 300 members, a vibrant calendar of events, and continuing discounted subscriptions. 

How to extend that enthusiasm into the 30-45 year-old age group is the challenge. The Under 30s has always aimed to meet the needs of those involved in farming during the earlier years of their careers, with social and farming events, access to main Club events, and activities organised by the vibrant Inter-Club organisation, representing the younger members of all London Clubs.  

The former Under 30s chairmen had a consistent sense that networking and socialising were key benefits, and that farm walk weekends were the highlights of most years. The recent discount in membership fees for former Under 30s up to age 35 was very welcome. 

Club chairman Anne Chamberlain comments: “Our challenge now is to take what has been said and see what we can do to better meet the needs of the 30-45 age group. All ideas will be gratefully received.”