The Farmers Club's first ever book about FOOD!


A mere 6 years ago The Restaurant at The Farmers Club was lucky to have 3 – 4 members dining at lunch or dinner daily, the Bar had only a small selection of sandwiches on its menu and functions were few and far between. Today, the club has a busy Restaurant and Bar and a wide range of functions are frequently held. Many of you now bring your family, friends and guests to enjoy the highly praised simply cooked, seasonal, quality British food created by Paul Hogben, Head Chef & Director of Food and his team.

To celebrate this achievement and the clubs simply cooked, seasonal quality British Food, sourced from around the UK, we have created a hard back book, “FOOD at THE FARMERS CLUB”.

The book takes you on a mouth-watering journey through the seasons, each one starting with Paul’s vision of the forthcoming season, his thoughts about the new seasonal menu ahead and the produce available to use.

Provenance has been highlighted along with some loyal suppliers that have stayed the course over the recent years and supported the books creation.

A selection of recipes from dishes that have appeared on the club menus have been adapted for home use so that you can recreate them and further modify to suit. All have been carefully tested by the club team, friends and family.

Laced throughout is stunning photography, taken by Club Photographer and now member, Jonathan Pollock.

“FOOD at THE FARMERS CLUB”, ideal for use at home and of course those all-important Christmas presents. We anticipate delivery of the book in early October so, in order not to miss out please DOWNLOAD the Order form or pick one up at the Reception desk whilst you are in the club.