Ian Bell wins in House of Lords

Ian Bell awarded Farmers Club Cup at House of Lords luncheon 

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IAN Bell, chief executive of the Addington Fund, was named winner of the Farmers Club Cup 2014 at a special luncheon held at the House of Lords with RBS chairman Sir Philip Hampton as guest speaker.

The award is presented annually to the person or organisation the Club feels has contributed significantly to British agriculture.  

The event in the House of Lords’ Cholmondeley Room was hosted by Club member Lady Byford on behalf of His Grace the Duke of Montrose, and attended by 100 guests, including Lord Curry, Lady Mar, Lady Knight and Lord Plumb. It was sponsored by RBS Private.  

Sir Philip Hampton, retiring chairman of Royal Bank of Scotland and incoming chairman of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, believed farming was a good industry to invest in and returns would remain strong in the medium to long-term, despite short-term problems. “We believe that globalisation will continue, thanks to the continuing demographic of a growing world population driving demand.”

He said RBS had an appetite to lend more to farming, since it was in the unusual position of having £20bn more in deposits than loans. It was also providing training backed by the farming unions to all of its 178 specialist farming managers. “It’s all part of our post banking crisis remediation.”

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