Looking Forward to 2021 at The Club

Following a very disappointing year of cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have met with both Keith and Allan, next year’s Chairman and the Immediate Past Chairman respectively, to map out some ideas of what we might do in 2021, and return the Club to its previous activity levels.  One of the most important things that we undertake during the Summer are the Agricultural Society Shows around the country and we have been steadily building the number and variety of what we do at these events.  We have built up to an impressive 8 shows per year, but in 2021, subject to shows being permitted, we intend to attend 12 with both keith and Allan hosting those events as we progress through the Summer.

We are also planning to re-schedule Allan’s trip to Burgundy in September 2021 which will be distanced from Keith’s aspiration to lead a party to Tuscany, and the Chianti region in particular.  We also aim to have a 2 day trip to look at the Royal Navy through the Ages taking in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and a visit to one of the new Aircraft Carriers.  Other highlights will hopefully see a return to Newmarket which will hopefully include a visit to Godolphin, a race meeting, the Jockey Club and other highlights.  Keith is also hoping that a trip to see the Edinburgh Tattoo and dinner combined with a visit to Stirling to see a cutting edge robotic dairy facility will provide agricultural interest with historical and musical splendour.  A further visit north of the border will encompass the Chairman’s Tour, which will concentrate on the Borders area of Scotland and promises to be an excellent few days.

Radda in Chianti

Godolphin Stables Newmarket

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

In addition to all these events, there will be others that we offer on an opportunity basis in addition to well-established favourites such as the St George’s Day lunch, Chelsea Flower Show, House of Lords lunch, exhibitions,  etc.  Hopefully, by the time we are looking to make these available to members, the current situation will have abated somewhat, and further mitigations/freedoms will be allowed.  Nonetheless, we will be planning what we can so that we can take advantage of any opportunities that come our way for the benefit of members.