Those involved in agriculture, directly or indirectly, are welcome to apply for membership

The Club currently consists of around 5200 members, most are based in the United Kingdom but the membership stretches to every corner of the globe. Membership of the Club has many benefits and it is a great place to meet, eat, socialise and stay with like-minded people.

Applications for membership are welcome from those who are either directly engaged in farming or landowning, or who are involved in ancillary industries or occupations. Completed application forms are reviewed by the Membership Committee every 6 weeks.

The Club has several classes of membership based on location, age and individual requirements: 'Country', 'Town', 'Under 30', ‘Under 35’, 'Overseas', 'Family' and ‘Life’.

The Membership Committee review applications at their meetings held in the Club.  The next planned meeting is

16 January 2018

The Committee from time to time hold interim meetings and details of these can be obtained by contacting the Membership Secretary.

If you are unsure which membership to apply for please contact the membership secretary on

Basic Membership Application Form