Club Dress Code


The dress code was updated by the Club General Committee in September 2023 and applies to all members and visitors to The Club.

Smart casual dress is permitted every morning, Monday to Thursday inclusive until 10 am. (This includes smart denim jeans and trainers).

After 10am, gentlemen should wear formal jackets and ties in all public areas of the Club. Ladies should be dressed smartly and in accordance with this.

Smart casual dress is allowed in all areas of the club, all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and until 10am on Monday morning.

Children should conform to the above guidelines as best they can. 

Members are responsible for ensuring their guests abide by the dress code. Anyone entering The Club and not conforming to the dress code guidelines above may be asked to leave The Club.

Reception has an emergency stock of jackets and ties if required, that must be returned when you leave Thank you.

Summer dress code applies to the month of August.

Please note; shorts, plastic beach flipflops and ripped jeans are not allowed at any point.


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