Club Objectives and Etiquette

Promoting fellowship, stimulating debate, and serving fine British food



Club Objectives

The Farmers Club provides the services of a private members club to the farming community, offering affordable accommodation along with fine dining facilities, bar and meeting rooms in the heart of London, backed by a vibrant programme to stimulate debate and provide a great social focus.

The Club has always provided a great environment for informal discussion and debate and aims to stimulate such debate more formally. In 1841 the Club’s creator, Mr Shaw of the Strand, envisaged a Club that would debate and discuss the farming issues of the day and disseminate such information to its membership and beyond. That goal is as relevant today as ever. But The Club also jealously guards its apolitical stance, and does not lobby.

Above all the Club makes members welcome, and ensures they feel comfortable, relaxed and safe – a true home-from-home experience.


Club Etiquette

The Farmers Club prides itself on providing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere to all its members and guests.  Many members regard it as their home-from-home and are enduringly polite and pleasant to our staff who reciprocate in kind.  This ensures the cherished atmosphere of our Club is maintained.

The values of The Farmers Club reflect those of the countryside – 

  • where tradition is important but change is accepted
  • the family is at the core of everyday life
  • trust and friendship in the wider community are assumed
  • there is deep pride in the United Kingdom, its countryside and its produce
  • where knowledge is developed by discussion and debate
  • pragmatism and value for money are more than just words.



Our menus are designed to showcase simply cooked, seasonal, quality British food. Our Bar, Lounge and Terrace Menu and seasonal Restaurant Menu celebrate all that is good about British farm produce.

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"A membership club for all involved in farming"