Craig's Corner

“Craigs Corner” is my regular newsletter that contains the latest recommendations of exhibitions, shows, experiences, attractions and generally what’s on in London, to help you plan your next trip.

As your Member Experience Manager I provide a bespoke concierge style service either before you arrive in the club or whilst you are here.

So do you;

  • need a car to pick you up at a main line station and bring you to the club
  • need a table booked in the Restaurant
  • want to go out for the day but you’re not sure what’s open or where to go
  • want to arrange tickets to visit a gallery or the theatre
  • wish to have champagne and flowers in your room on arrival for a celebratory surprise
  • wish to make your stay just that little bit more comfortable


Take a look at these newsletters to give you some ideas and email me at if I can assist you.

Craig -x-

Craig Godfrey

Member Experience Manager


Terms & Conditions: Once any purchases have been made on your behalf, a 100% charge will apply if you need to cancel thereafter.
The cancellation charge will be transferred to your members’ account for payment.
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If you have any feedback about your recent Member Experience, we'd love to hear from you.

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