Jelle's On Wine Newsletter N0.5 October 2023

6th October 2023

Dear Member    
I don’t remember when I wrote the last OnWine newsletter (somewhere in that covid blackhole I think) the only thing I do know, is that it has been too long and that many of you have been asking for its return. So, here we go……
Since I wrote last, I have been told off by my wife for spending too much money on wines for home, however, you’ll be delighted to know that I have added some new and exciting wines to the Club Wine List.
As a Team here at The Club we like to review the Wine List on a regular basis to improve the offering and keep things interesting for you. We realised that an area where we can now improve is our stock of English wines (now that the availability and cost prices are going down.) Not only has the quality been improving over the last couple years, but of course it makes perfect sense to have a good selection. Viticulture is a form of agriculture after all and that is what The Farmers Club is all about. Promoting, championing and offering the best of British in its many forms, to match our Simply Cooked, Seasonal Quality British Food.

As some of you know, we had a few sparkling and white wines on the list already, but this wasn’t enough. Therefore, I started to look around for some new additions and luckily with some help from my suppliers we did and I have added 3 new sparkling wines, 1 white and what excites me the most, 2 red wines.

Both sparkling and white wine has been of good to very good quality for quite a few years now, but I have always thought the red wines were a bit lacking in quality compared to the other 2. But finally, this has now changed, and I suspect with the vines which were planted many years ago now producing quality grapes, the changing climate, and the ever-increasing knowledge of the winemakers in this country, the reds have finally arrived, Amen  

Now “stop the waffling and tell us what you have you added” I can hear you say…!        
The first one is from Essex and is from New Hall Wine Estate in Purleigh. The wine is called Baron’s Lane and is a blend of 5 different grape varieties (Precore, Rondo, Regent, Acolon and Zweigelt) which delivers delicious dark fruit flavours (black cherry, bramble) with some hints of almonds and pepper. The wine is very juicy and easy to drink on its own or with for example the Lamb we have on the menu.

The second one is my favourite I must admit, not only because I think it is a high-quality wine, but it is made from Pinot Noir which is one of my favourite grape varieties. The wine is made by Simpson Wine Estate in Barham, Kent and the vineyard, located in the Elham Valley. This 100% Pinot Noir is very well balanced with soft tannins and some beautiful red cherry, strawberry and violet flavours.

Please email me at if you have any questions or queries and to book a table in the Restaurant either email or call The Club on 02079303557 (Option 3)

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